Islandman supplies  slick multi-layered atmospheric down-tempo electronica with an ethno touch. Featuring musicians from all over the globe, the title of the album “Godless Ceremony” gives one pause for thought. A sense of “Ceremony” to be sure – is what is missing in most European and American music, and life in general. It is also in turn what a lot of listeners, concert and club-goers crave for , and at least partially accounts for the popularity of such phenomena as the Balkan wave. Here, however Tolga Böyük aka Islandman, presents music of ceremony shorn of its sacral component. It is a bit like two ships passing in the night: Westerners move eastward, yearning for the sacred, while at the some time Easterners, like Tolga Böyük, abandon it. Here we run up against Kara Toprak again, the celebrated Âşık Veysel folk composition, which Altın Gün’s recently covered on their last LP. Islandman vs Tamikrest features  the Tuareg band doing a call and response routine pitched against some vintage electronica, and finally three-fourths  of the way through, the famous desert blues guitar work  kicks in. Aku Membawa is good one, too – a house track stuck in an echo chamber with the words “I bring” in Indonesian chanted, reverb turned all the way up.