No Fridge (30 min)


Well-known for his  self-described “crazy global meetings”, DJ Click has lately teamed up with Colelo Identidad Mapuche, a punky-protest group devoted to promoting the culture of the Mapuche, an indigenous folk group in southern Chile, who Click describes as “the Gypsies of Chile”. 

Click is most often associated with his electronic reworking of Gypsy music, perhaps most notably hooked up with Romanian singer and actress Rona Hartner. He has also worked with gnawa, Rajasthani and sufi Qawwali singing as well as dabbled in Balkan music, with his tracks kept in high rotation at Balkan parties. 

There are no itchy and infectious dance track hits, like “El Razonamiento” in Balkanandalusia, or “Vasalache” from the album with Rona Hartner (2005) created at the height of the Balkan craze.

Two club-wise tracks come close, including the trancy Bio Bio, which contains a vocal segment that is both a paean to the Chilean river Bio Bio and a hymn of protest directed at the powers that wish to dam up the river, thus estranging the indigenous people from their source of life – spiritual and material.

All in all, we have before us eight tracks that are by turns spiritual, minimalistic and club-wise. Traditional instruments are used to spectacular effect. 

We have the trutrucka: a kind of spiral-shaped trumpet, made of colihue wood  with a terminal or lateral mouthpiece and a cattle horn to amplify the sound; the pfilka (wooden flute); cultrun, a ceremonial drum specific to the Mapuche – all of which lend themselves remarkably well to Click’s electronic revamping.

Robert Rigney