Derya Yıldırım’s vocal style may not be to everyone’s taste. Compared to Anadolu pop living-legend  Selda Bağcan, with whom Yıldırım may be seen to aspire to, her voice rarely rises up to Selda’s great soaring reverb drenched heights. Yıldırım’s articulation is mostly thin and sometimes strident with a beseeching air about it. This comes across most markedly in her first song, “Gümüş” (Silver). Moreover, she has been criticized by even her staunchest  supporters for being stuck in a seventies groove. This is not necessarily a bad thing, considering that the retro Anadolu psyche trend appears to still have some mileage left in it. While these new songs do not necessarily explore new territory – still plumbing a mellifluous  seventies flash-back vibe, where The Doors meets Bariş Manco – there are some new creations here  as well that make this album worthwhile. The best track by a longshot is  “Bal” (Honey), a song Yildirim penned herself, and which has definite dancefloor potential. It begins with a chiming guitar flourish, bass-laden synth groove, some spare bağalma plucking and a vocal style that is smooth, velvety and wonderfully seductive.  Even an album with only one  hit like this, is an achievement. Personally, I will be keenly awaiting the club-remix of this track.