Derya Yıldırım doesn’t  like to be pigeonholed. “I do what comes out of me. And if that is for some ‘psychedelic rock’ then so be it,” she says. Oft compared to Turkish neo-psyche rockers Altın Gün, Yıldırım was at the right place at the right time when the Anatolian psyche revival hit. Here we have Derya Yıldırım and Grup Şimşek’s second LP, Dost 1 (Friend) – six tracks of  groovy, crawling, ruminative Turkish covers mixed with original compositions. The most compelling track is “The Trip”, in which  traditional saz gives way to  a cascade of explosive, flailing, wah-wah guitar. Yıldırım often states being influenced by Selda Bağcan’s political ballades seething with righteous anger. However, although one might argue that  enough injustice abounds to fuel original protest songs of raw power, Yıldırım with her sweetly innocent voice and sparing bağalama licks, more often than not opts for a wistful lyricism augmented with flashes of trilling, microtonal  synth riffs that are by turns futuristic and nostalgic of another era. Ultimately one has the feeling of listening to something that could have been cut fifty years ago. However in Yıldırım’s hands the material still seems fresh somehow. And it doesn’t bother Yıldırım that her audience is largely incapable of understanding what she singing about. “Learn Turkish,” she says. Take it or leave it, seems to be her prevailing attitude. This reviewer is all for taking it.