Although he was born in Copenhagen, both Bjonko Stosic’s parents hail from Macedonia, and it is there that his sound is inextricably rooted. The title of the album is Enigma and suggests something mysterious, ghostly even. Indeed some of the lower register tracks summon up yearning, wraith-like Oriental soundscapes of a particular Macedonian cast. However, the best ones are strutting, groovy dance numbers that bowl irresistibly along and feature a brash vocal component, positing the songs positively in the present day. Standout tracks are “Opa!” – which in south Slavic parlance is an exclamation which in beatnik hipster speak means something like “Go!” and showcases in-your-face rapping of Jokeren– and the fast-paced “Eclectic Dance” which pumps along and two minutes into the track features some frantic accordion playing – and especially “Burek King” a wonderfully humorous ode to the Balkan (read Turkish) culinary specialty and features the Danish rap prowess of Klamfyr, and sounds like something Amsterdam Klezmer Band would put over on a good night. Bjonko markets himself as part of the “Balkan Beats” genre, and indeed some of the more exuberant tracks could fit into a Robert Soko (the Berlin godfather of Balkan Beats) set. And yet all tracks are free of electronic embellishments, proving that you don’t need knob twiddling sound effects to get the party rolling. Ultimately, Bjonko is yet another instance of some of the best of the Balkans being produced amongst the diaspora in cold northern climes.