Arşivplak (45 mins)


Arşivplak, meaning “records from the archives” has come out with an eleven track instrumental compilation of popular Anatolian psyche tracks, mainly from the seventies, that will be a welcome addition in any Anatolian rock dance-floor set.

The tunes are disco-delightful reimaginings of old Turkish chestnuts, put through the stylistic  blender, with moog organ effects, wah guitar, funky bass lines and enough electro saz licks to satisfy any Anatolian folk buff.

Attentive Turkish music devotees will recognize familiar songs like old Ankara wedding-party favorite Fidayde, here solidified with beats, broken down and spaced out.

And of course Barış Manço’s indomitably groovy Lambaya Püf De, earns a place, a sultry track in which Manço urges the lover to come on, and blow out the lamp, in a seductive come-on – however shorn here of the vocal component.

At times one thinks one has been transplanted into a cheesy Turkish comedy rerun from the seventies, courtesy of such tracks  Like BizimŞarkımız (Our Song). This may not wholly be such a bad thing.

Ultimately this feels more like a potpourri of tried and true Turkish folk-psyche tunes – groovy enough, to be sure – but lacking in true rocking freshness.

TRACK TO TRY Lambaya Püf De

Keywords: Turkey, Anatolian psyche, disco